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March 27, 2015

Winter’s slow demise

Several days into spring, 30 degrees the high, only one tree has escaped.
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March 4, 2015

Winter’s dust

We are the hard sounds:
crushing, crashing, breaking stuff
You are a soft sound,
puffed apart as dust
p ff d p rt s d st
The hard of winter
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May 27, 2013

Gulls on the wings

This was a winter shot that I struggled to get done until the other night. I was never sure of how I wanted to do the sky, which is silly, because it is almost stark white, or gray, straight out of the camera. It was an issue with one little splotchy gray cloud that was affecting the fundamental look of the photo which I eventually decided to take out with an all-white sky. My hands were numb, and I had to keep the camera as steady as possible by leaning it against my car. In a perfect world I’d want to get those winged light standards a little closer together by getting the camera up higher, but I like this… and it isn’t a perfect world.

Gulls on the wings
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April 5, 2013

Tree over tree, over tree, over tree… in the snow

This will probably be the last snow shot I post for some time. I might have one or two in my pocket that I can pull out on a sunny day, but I’m not sure I’ll go back to them before it snows again, and it looks like that will be the case for a long time. We’ll be in the 60s this weekend (17 degrees Celsius). That means all the complaining about cold is fading for a warmer clime.

This shot from two years ago is the result of a backyard shoot the morning following an overnight four-inch snow. The best snows are those that are slightly wet, so the snow has an opportunity to outline the branches. Personally, I like smaller storms when there’s about equal part white and black of the branches.
Tree over tree, over tree...
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March 6, 2013

The creeping fog over the ice shelf

When I was out shooting on this day I assumed this would be my best photo of a batch of maybe 30 or 40. As it turned out, it was maybe my second or third favorite. I’m curious to see how it will be received, as I like it very much. The fog crept in across the lake from east to west, so in this photo I’m looking Southwest. In fact, if you traveled toward the dead-center of the frame and continued past the buildings you’d eventually hit St. Louis. The snow-covered ice forms a shelf that hits the shelf I’m standing on. It was about six to eight feet beneath my boots, though it might not look too far in the photo. Walking back through the snow I hit an ice patch and nearly went down. Nobody was around to notice.
The creeping fog over the ice shelf
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March 2, 2013

Nowhere to go

I recently posted an even more desolate view of this same scene, but since then this photo has grown on me almost as much. The ladder I stood over to shoot the previous ice & horizon shot pokes up over the edge of the concrete beach to the left. You got a sense that you could climb down and walk out to the horizon; the fog made it seem that close. Still, you knew you’d never get there.
Nowhere to go
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February 27, 2013

Snowing inside the parking garage

It’s hard to see, but if you click through this image and zoom in, snow is falling in the corkscrew of the ramp. Pretty exciting, I know. I wasn’t actually motivated by the snow itself to take the photo, it was the lighting from the snow that finally made this interesting enough for me. After parking here several hundred times and wondering why the ramp area always caught my eye I realized the other day that it was a good design for a photo, but it lacked contrasting light. Snow provided that by shooting it off the walls and leaving the foreground more illuminated thanks to the reflections in the puddles.
Snowing inside the parking garage
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February 23, 2013

In a thick fog at North Avenue Beach

I can’t tell you if the fog was rolling in or out. I didn’t stay long enough to know. I can tell you there’s a 100-story skyscraper almost smack in the middle of the frame, but the fog is thick enough that you’d never know it. At 31 degrees Fahrenheit I never expect to see such low-hanging clouds, but it seems to happen quite a bit. I was just thrilled that I could get close enough to cut through the gray to see the outlines of many of those buildings. You can see on the right edge of the frame where it loosened up a bit. Just a block or two west you’d never even notice the fog unless you were trying to eyeball the taller towers.
In a thick fog at North Avenue Beach
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February 22, 2013

This one keeps me alive – Lake Michigan frozen

You could see cars zipping up and down Lake Shore Drive, but you couldn’t hear them. Snow mutes almost everything. From beneath the frozen skin of lake Michigan came the only sound – moving water licking at the ice surface. I’d never venture out even with the ladder from the concrete beach laying directly in front of me and ending at the jagged ice. It was a good eight feet between us.

I felt this a very austere landscape but an invigorating one, so I spent much of the day thinking about what to call it. I looked up some lyrics that had been floating around my head from recent car trips, and learned I’d got most of them wrong. The refrain from one of those songs ultimately won. I was only slightly disappointed to learn “This one keeps me alive” to be a bit off the actual intent. I still like it. For me, the sky makes this photo. It is caused by a thick fog a half-mile out.
This one keeps me alive - Lake Michigan frozen
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February 2, 2013

VW encased

We ended up with three inches of snow overnight, which isn’t much. Still, the shoveling was rather brutal – 45 minutes to dislodge a couple of cars. It beats an ice storm. This photo isn’t exactly new, but it was the only time my car was so tightly wrapped in a shell of ice that I just waited for it to melt out of the shell. I was lucky that the temps were warming on that day above freezing, otherwise I would have needed to hack at it for a while.

I’ve shot a bunch of new photos in recent days that will eventually be making it to the blog. I’ve been inundated with editing work for a project I’m due to hand over, and that’s crippled my attention to this of late. I’m glad I have quite a library of photos to push along, but I’m certainly itching to produce something new. It’s been over a week since I worked on something strictly creative.
VW encased
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