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April 16, 2016

Along the way back from Haworth

Good surveillance. We’re all neighbors now.
Along the way back from HaworthAlong the way back from Haworth
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March 14, 2016

Just a well-cornered wall

That’s it.
Just a well-cornered wall
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January 18, 2015

Securing the light

Creative block is not devoid of color; it is rather filled with it. The disconnect comes in the lack of motivation. You can still see what you need to see, but you can’t see reason to cultivate outcomes. I ran into this color wall in October but avoided it for almost three months as if it were chasing me. I’m way behind in editing photos. I haven’t taken any since December 13th while attempting to comb through the backlog.
Securing the light

June 13, 2014

Gaps in the story

Or maybe it’s a wall.
Gaps in the story
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June 2, 2014

Wall of light

If it was up to me, everyone would be on their phones while standing in the middle of a gleaming city, looking at photos of architecture. Monolithic in nature.
Wall of light
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April 23, 2014

Late in the garden

To me, it’s weird to leave a residence in South Africa at night. It’s like you slide into an abyss. Every garden surrounds a home; a wall outlines every garden. The walls are topped with electric fencing. Inside the wall you’re on an oasis of calm. Lights from the house and the lanterns illuminate the foliage in colors you understand. When you venture out the streetlights feel foreign and cold. As you pass through the gate the shadows shift. Or do they move?
Late in the garden
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September 15, 2013

Empty lot full

Back through the little alley parking lot I happen upon about once a month, I decided to take a few handfuls of shots. I’ve taken photos in this place three or four times. For a nowhere place there are a lot of things to capture, and the light is extreme and different thanks to the levels of the buildings above – and the local lighting. I love the walls. This is the backside of the lot hut, so they’re actually hiding the sign. The lot was completely empty.
Empty lot full
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June 3, 2013

My favorite parking lot, maybe ever… yes you can favorite a parking lot!

This parking lot is making a third appearance on the blog today. If you’ve been here fairly often over the past few months you’ll recognize it in one of the two other photos, for sure. It’s the bus lot for a theater across the street, which is to the right of frame. There are a half dozen really good photographs that can come from this lot. The elements line up really well, and there’s a good contrast between the buildings over it. The problem I have with it is I never have more than a few minutes to shoot when I walk through here. I’m always resigned to getting what I can. Well, I was really happy to catch this dramatic shadow breaking up the space on one of the last days of winter. It makes the photo feel like it leans whichever way, but it is perfectly straight!
My favorite parking lot

April 12, 2013

I haven’t been myself of late

Ever hear someone say something that’s just so throwaway you wonder if they ever say anything original? When asked how I’m doing today – and I have been a little bit ill the past 24-36 hours – I almost said, “I haven’t been myself of late.” But catching myself just before doing so I think I managed to flip out something like, “I’m decent.” That wasn’t quite the truth, but it beats something that means nothing, right? The only reason I had “I haven’t been myself of late” on my mind is because I think I heard someone say it on a train or in passing. It just struck me as a funny thing to say. Sayings sometimes stick in my head like songs do, and just like the worst songs I retain the least worthwhile utterances.

I kind of want to do a photo series on throwaway lines like that. The titles will be the names of the photos. I can’t think up many good examples on the spot, but “I haven’t been myself of late” will look like today’s post – really messed up. Upside down, messed up, vertigo-inducing and devoid of color. That’s not being myself of late, at least for me. OK, I thought of one more: “Hey what’s up? Nothin'” will be a blank shot of nothing. I’m not sure if it will be all black or all white. Maybe Gray.
I haven't been myself of late
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March 30, 2013

Marks on a wall

If you look closely at this wall you begin to see etchings of names and dates – some going back as far as 1880. This wall inside of an old fort in northern Florida is part of a jail cell that probably housed multiple prisoners simultaneously. I didn’t have a wide-enough lens to get further back on this wall, and I didn’t want to, either. It needs to be tight or claustrophobic. Though the room isn’t the smallest cell you’ve ever seen, sharing the quarters with a bunch of men must have made it feel uncomfortably cramped.

I don’t think I would have left my mark on the wall. Who would want to be remembered for being stuck in a cell? Then I began to wonder if these people actually existed at all; what’s stopping a person from carving the wall up just for tourists to gawk over? I mean, someone might take a photograph and post it on a blog.
Marks on a wall
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