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October 9, 2012

Where everyone has your same last name

My friend in The Netherlands took us to her family’s farm, and it was spectacular. Not in that way. No fireworks, no chrome skyscrapers nor flashing lights – but plenty of atmosphere. If I remember correctly, because this was now well over a year ago, everyone, or most everyone has the same last name in this little town. There are maybe 10 or 12 houses, and everyone assumed the name of the ancient monastery nearby. Something like that. I’ll have to ask her to fill me in the specific details again. Every now and again I completely create a story like this from scratch, so lets hope its actually true for the blog’s sake. I’m pretty sure…

Long story short, there were three things I loved about this place outside of the wonderful people, friends and family we had the privilege of visiting with. 1) The doors to the houses were all around five feet tall, which is interesting because Dutch people are on average quite a bit taller than Americans, Brits and the like. 2) Everyone wore traditional clogs, including myself, so we wouldn’t sink into the soft, muddy grounds. 3) This garage. It was like the cars were there first, and the structure was built around them. If the port itself was crumbling, the relics sat meekly underneath, happy campers waiting for a spin along the winding roads of the Dutch countryside. Roads that lead to endless and most interesting little villages like this one.
Where everyone has your same last name
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