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October 23, 2013

Transparent grasses

This title is a total lie. The grasses are not transparent, nor are they more than one type of grass. They are simply regular blades of grass from one tuft of grass. They might not even be grass at all; it could be a plant. The more I worked on it, the less real it looked. Then it became something else entirely and a worthy candidate to be blogged here. Cool.
Transparent grasses
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April 25, 2013

Drama fence

The line “it has no personality” makes me cringe. People say things all the time that lack thought, and “that lacks personality” is one of them. Nothing lacks personality. You may not like it. It may lack volume. Someone may think it is boring or basic, but all descriptors are attempts distinguish character. They try to define or manifest something in a subject. If you see nothing, you lack vision. That’s the problem!

Take, for instance, this fence. It’s fairly ordinary. Gray. Washed of its former color. Stark. Dry, rigid and gritty. At first glance it’s any fence. The color of autumn behind it overwhelms it. You could try to say it lacks personality. Maybe you focus on a portion of the fourth definition of the word: distinction or excellence of personal and social traits. How does such narrow tailoring of meaning become such a throwaway thing to say about something? Anything? It’s really strange to me. This fence in it’s gray, washed-out, stark, dry, rigid grittiness cuts the scene. It makes a statement. It builds up the drama. It functions in the photo, and that brings mood to the composition. I like drama in a photo, but not in real life, so I’m sorry to call you out.
Drama fence
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April 24, 2013

A bridge into Gotham City

I watched Batman Begins tonight. It’s probably the tenth time I’ve seen it, I think it’s that good. In fact, I like it better than the more highly-acclaimed The Dark Knight. There are various considerations for that, but there’s only one reason I took this photo; it reminded me of the film. I never thought to add it to the blog, but I went looking for it after watching the movie and decided it works. Director Christopher Nolan got some criticism (mostly from New Yorkers) for choosing Chicago as Gotham. It’s got all the art deco and mix of old with new to get the job done. All you really need is dark and brooding, which you have here. I left it messy and dark for obvious reasons. Even the streaks of light off the bridge had me thinking of that famous spotlight.
A bridge into Gotham City
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April 6, 2013

Red lines, green signs

Lately there’s been little time to shoot and little time to search for something to shoot as well. I’m very frustrated that I haven’t been out on a proper photo shoot – one where I’m only looking for photos for the bulk of a day – since September. It’s continually weighing on me, and I don’t like that things have gone that direction. It’s amazing how everything else can slow that progression. I’m simply thankful I’ve had slivers of time to produce enough photos that are quality enough that I’m happy with posting them. I take this very seriously, sharing my photography daily. It’s important that those who stumble on this site are not disappointed the first time here with potentially sub-par work. That’s my attitude, anyway.

The upside (not that there is much) of lacking shooting windows is that it takes me back to my older work. I’m forced to consider shots that I’d previously either passed over or that couldn’t beat out another old image to make it onto the blog. Today is one of those instances – a photo I like, but one that simply didn’t get an opportunity to be shown due to various reasons. That includes flow. I try to vary the images I present in order to avoid slipping into patterns. This image was taken on a relatively warm night in early June. I was playing around with my gear in different ways – using lenses against their intention, if that’s actually a legitimate consideration. I was playing around with artificial blur at the time as well, therefor the artificial look of this. To me, it still works. It was about using the red of the tail lights against the green and yellow of the signs. I liked how the red echoed off the viaduct wall and gave off a feeling of power or almost anger.
Red lines, green signs
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April 5, 2013

Tree over tree, over tree, over tree… in the snow

This will probably be the last snow shot I post for some time. I might have one or two in my pocket that I can pull out on a sunny day, but I’m not sure I’ll go back to them before it snows again, and it looks like that will be the case for a long time. We’ll be in the 60s this weekend (17 degrees Celsius). That means all the complaining about cold is fading for a warmer clime.

This shot from two years ago is the result of a backyard shoot the morning following an overnight four-inch snow. The best snows are those that are slightly wet, so the snow has an opportunity to outline the branches. Personally, I like smaller storms when there’s about equal part white and black of the branches.
Tree over tree, over tree...
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April 2, 2013

Butterflies inside – when’s spring?

We’ve been hovering around freezing again. Today it climbed up into the mid-40s. Pretty sweet. There are only hints of spring if you look hard enough, maybe a bulb here or a bit of green there. It’s coming at the end of this week, I hear. The building next to mine put these butterflies up in the lobby with some greenery underneath. The air blows just enough to make them move (they hang by strings from the lattice above), and if you get the timing just right it looks like they are flitting around. I think my daughter might like this.

I forgot to stash my memory card back in my 5D Mark II, so I took this one with my T3i. I decided to take it a step further and popped the kit lens on the camera, arguably the worst lens I own. It’s kind of grainy, but you can still get a quality photo out of anything. This is not an HDR image. The lighting is pretty good in there to do it straight out of camera, so this is one of those rare images on this blog that is not even a composite. A single frame. Pretty sweet.
Butterflies inside - when's spring?
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March 19, 2013

Some photos I’d almost forgotten about

My last post had me thinking about meeting up with the JOBY guy about 11 months ago regarding that 10-22mm lens that I didn’t buy. Part of me wishes I owned it now, but I went in a different direction photographically and that was the right move. I do want to show a couple of the photos I shot with it in the three minutes I had time to play with it. Basically, we sat down and talked, I popped it on my camera, shot 3-4 bracketed frames, gave it back, and processed these images. Because I was referring to that meeting in my last post, I wanted to see what I’d produced with little time to think. Sometimes it’s fun to do that sort of thing. The lens does a nice job of warping images – which I love. These were shot at 10mm in a crop-sensor Canon T3i – which means they’re actually at 16mm in real measurement.
MPPL facade

MPPL terrace

February 14, 2013

An after dinner drink & photography writer’s block

I’ve hit a bit of a creative wall. I’m not enthusiastic about the images I’m shooting nor producing at the moment. That moment’s been floating around now for maybe a month. I guess that would make it a month and not a moment. I hastily worked on two different images tonight and couldn’t find that something to carry them through, so I went with an older photo to post.

I put this photo on facebook moments after editing it, and my friend remarked that this is not a dessert but a meal in and of itself. That may be true, but I find Guinness really easy to drink. It might be dark, but it isn’t quite as heavy as those who don’t like it point out. Here’s hoping I find my photo legs again soon.
An after dinner drink
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February 3, 2013

Golden express

It’s a silver train, but as I’ve said so many times on this blog, the street lights in Chicago are predominantly gold. By the time I captured this express train blitzing by at about 70 miles per hour, my hands were numb. The wind was whipping on the platform. I can’t believe my tripod didn’t fall over, and I only stood on the blacktop maybe five minutes to set up and wait for the train. Then it was back down on the street for the next 15 minutes before mine rolled in.
Golden express
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February 2, 2013

VW encased

We ended up with three inches of snow overnight, which isn’t much. Still, the shoveling was rather brutal – 45 minutes to dislodge a couple of cars. It beats an ice storm. This photo isn’t exactly new, but it was the only time my car was so tightly wrapped in a shell of ice that I just waited for it to melt out of the shell. I was lucky that the temps were warming on that day above freezing, otherwise I would have needed to hack at it for a while.

I’ve shot a bunch of new photos in recent days that will eventually be making it to the blog. I’ve been inundated with editing work for a project I’m due to hand over, and that’s crippled my attention to this of late. I’m glad I have quite a library of photos to push along, but I’m certainly itching to produce something new. It’s been over a week since I worked on something strictly creative.
VW encased
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