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February 1, 2016

Slow enough to remember

Sunset from the East Side
Slow enough to remember
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December 12, 2015

Off the deep end

Downward from the parent cloud
A man with too much choice
New outfit every time
Script the same 10 days on
Reconstruct the narrative
Spin like a top
Color the border
This fence against us
Hope on the horizon of another setting sun
Off the deep end
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October 25, 2015

Rarer still

Rarer still
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June 15, 2014

Father’s Day wide sky

Sunset was pretty good.
Father's Day wide sky
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March 24, 2013

Just before exiting the beach

This is the second time this exact scene has made it on the blog, but it’s straight this time. Here’s the original photograph I posted in late August, one I took moments after today’s post. I had climbed up onto the boardwalk where the light was coming off the top of the rails and processed the photo with that reflected light very much in mind. It was funny, however, stumbling on this new version of that photo. This one carries such a different look, and I think it’s because I’m further away where the darkened sand mutes the light and color. It’s interesting how differently I processed them; I didn’t look at the previous photo until after finishing this one.
Just before exiting the beach
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March 22, 2013

Light clouds, dark ocean

This is a Florida sunset on the eastern side of the state. When the sun goes down on the opposite coast it leaves a lot of color in the sky over the ocean. Because the water is getting less light it comes off so much darker than whatever is up in the air above it. These storm clouds had just enough lighter pieces to catch the pink light and reflect it back.
Light clouds, dark ocean
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February 9, 2013

Sunset from the rooftops – wide

I stumbled upon this late-December photo while clearing out some things that were cluttering my desktop. Something else likely caught my attention and I ended up too busy or overwhelmed to find my way back to it at the time. I’ve posted three times prior from this location and twice from this vantage point, but the others were more claustrophobic. This shows more of the natural view back to the city from Lincoln Park with a nice, warm sunset to brighten an otherwise cold evening.
Sunset from the rooftops - wide
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January 17, 2013

Level 5 – free sunset

Thanks for all responses to my concerns in yesterday’s post of hitting the wall in recent weeks. It’s encouraging to know that a few others out there experience similar difficulties with posting as regularly as they’d like. I’m doing my best to remain focused at all times and keep things arrow up.

The regard for theme has been an issue for me of late. I’ve poked around looking at a few options to see if anything suits my style better, but I’m pretty set on this minimalistic look I’ve been using. It offers me large photos and generally decent formatting – save for the Twitter/Facebook/Flickr jumbled messes to the right. Please feel free to follow me on those as I’ll be working to diversify posts in the coming days/weeks/months. Facebook and Google+ will be updated with photos that are freshly made while I post one per day here.

One other blog note… A few months back my cousin recommended that I clean up my “Categories” section down on the right below all that jumbled mess I was referring to. She suggested that I limit myself to as few categories as possible, reducing specific suburbs I’m shooting into a category called “Chicago Suburbs” and such. I love this idea, but it is daunting to go back and change them all. Recommendations on the matter will be considered with great care – as I think it is probably the direction I should go. Thoughts welcome.

This is the fifth level of a local parking garage. I took my first-ever serious photo off this top platform (at the opposite end) for a photo class in high school. It didn’t go very well. My girlfriend at the time crushed me in that class (from which I earned my only C mark in school). I’ve learned quite a lot since then working both as an amateur and professional with cameras. This VW on the opposite side from that ill-fated attempt glowed almost alien-like from the blue-hour fade and flourescent lot lamps. I particularly loved that bit of light arcing up on the far side of the windshield.
Level 5 - free sunset
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December 26, 2012

Between & beyond – the wedge

While waiting for the best moment to photograph a sunset, I found myself worrying about my camera and its rather precarious position on a ledge six stories above concrete. I was forced to stand a couple of feet behind my tripod, so I couldn’t get the strap around my neck to save it in case of a sudden wind. I decided to keep one of my hands on the leg at all times in order to keep it secure – which is hardly ideal when your middle exposure will be no less than five seconds on a three-bracket HDR. I remained still, however, and captured a ton of depth in this image. It remains in focus from the edge of the wedge all the way to the distant skyline.

In case you’re wondering, the distance between the two buildings in the foreground is about five feet. The sidewalk below is of standard size, and that’s all the width needed in this area, apparently. I normally don’t post photos from the same scene in successive days, but I felt this view is so different from my last post that it still satisfies the requirement.
Between & beyond - the wedge
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December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, here’s a sunset

Merry Christmas, and to my friends and family who say “Happy Christmas,” well, Happy Christmas! I have access to very few rooftops in Chicago, but this one was available over the weekend along with a sunset. It’s always nice when a sunset comes with the view. It’s also nice when it’s cold enough that nobody ventures to the rooftops to watch the sunset. The temperature must’ve dropped quickly, because someone left the chair without a cushion and ran for the exit.
Merry Christmas, here's a sunset
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