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May 14, 2016

The rain is back

Dublin hotel Euro daze; curtains drawn.
The rain is back
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April 19, 2015

A valley storm

A dirt road, South Africa.
A valley storm
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May 19, 2014

Bell Park Dam – rain in the distance

This is a friend’s backyard. I was introduced to him at the supermarket in the day and by dusk arrived here. I’m guessing on the exact place – because we drove this in the twilight and returned in the black. Night in the hilly countryside being what it is, I’ve done my best to retrace the steps and Bell Park looks right. Here we were a few thousand feet up over a drop-off with a couple handfuls of kids running about. To get here you travel down a dirt road off a dirt road and on the way back you roll past people carrying their belongings in the rain. They pop up around corners for a brief moment in the headlights, and it’s amazing how they fly almost standstill into nothing behind you. I remember feeling less than settled that night after the spectacular view and the winding, dipping drive home.
Bell Park Dam - rain in the distance
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May 26, 2013

After a light rain

It rained tonight in just the right way. When it is still and spitting for just long enough to leave droplets all over the leaves at near-dusk, that’s when the leaves hold the water really well. You get good, gentle shadows and the light isn’t harsh in the shade. This is the center of a hosta plant, though I don’t know the subspecies.
After a light rain
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March 7, 2013

Looking away from the crowd

Ever since I entered photo contests more recently I’ve become aware of my approach changing. For the time being it’s a good thing, but I hope it doesn’t last that long. I think I’ve played it more safe due to thinking about how people will receive my photos. Previously I just wanted to make things I thought were cool or interesting. Lately it’s become more of what appeals to an audience. I think that’s left me toning down images and color and focusing more on form and composition. I know I’m an off-beat photographer when it comes to capturing a scene, and there’s good reason for that. As a TV photographer I always wanted to capture an event differently from my opponents. I watched how they worked and attempted to squeeze into places they hadn’t considered. It became a formula, really. I got things they never considered.

With photography in general, however, I don’t want to be systematic or formulaic with approach. I try to vary what I do and never repeat photos from the same place in back-to-back succession. I have no problem reproducing a scene twice or a few times after my original post from whatever particular setting – but that’s not what I mean by becoming repetitious in execution. My concern is to not yield to expectations. I would rather stand out than stand together in a crowd. I’d rather not do what wins contests and still win them anyway. That leads us to today’s image…

I’ve shot the Picasso a bunch of times. It’s always over my shoulder every day I’m in the city. The challenge is to capture it when it is surrounded by a different atmosphere on a given day, or when it appears to be lit in a way that is superior or extraordinary to the average passing. This particular image I saved three different ways before choosing one for the blog. The other two were too dark or lacked color. For this one I accentuated the misty rain with a paintbrush affect and stripped out the contrast. I wanted it to be cold and away, turning it’s shoulder from usual.
Looking away from the crowd
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February 24, 2013

Stuck inside with rain

I like it when heavy raindrops fall infrequently before a big storm. They’re all spaced out and get you really wet when they hit, and they fall kind of slanted like someone’s been throwing them downward imperfectly. It gets really dark and these heavy drips come fat. They draw lines down the screen door and sit spaced out on the windows.
Stuck inside with rain
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November 21, 2012

The pin in the middle and the melt away

Ever look at something for a split second and have it stick in your memory banks for hours? I was on my way to a train station with just seven minutes to spare before the next arrival and was almost past this pin when for some reason I glanced down almost backward at it while passing. In that shot of a glance I realized I’d looked down at it several times before, only this time the light was different. With the rain on the pavement the light kicked off really nice, and the pin stood black against it. It jumped out as a focal point, and I raced to set up and capture and still make the train. I did.

I remember thinking a long time ago about this. How your gaze or view with things relatively close to you – say, the distance of a wall in an average room – whatever you stare at is so sharp and crisp in focus while the rest blurs away. If I were a painter I’d paint everything in this way, with my focal point sharp and clear and everything else melting away from that point. It would be Rembrandt-like at the point and go from impressionistic to Jackson Pollack to the corners. Nobody’s ever done that, I think. You’d have to guess at the edges. It would be a complete mess.
The pin in the middle and the melt away
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October 30, 2012

Monument with Standing Beast

This sculpture is one of the best in Chicago – after it rains. Before it rains there are no reflections, no bouncing colors off the pavement. After it rains, everything goes crazy and if you get down low in the puddles with a tripod you can make it all jump off the page. The sculpture is nicknamed “Snoopy in a blender,” but I like the idea of it being a beast. Snoopy is no beast.
Monument with Standing Beast
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October 21, 2012

Sur la table

I almost photographed the Apple storefront last night, but instead I opted for this rain-soaked table. I didn’t have time for two subjects, but while waiting outside the building this jumped out at me. It reminded me of two things: 1) the backside of a brand new dime, and 2) Paris. Not that you’d see this table in a cafe or anything, but maybe in a shop window along one of the avenues you might find it. I noticed a lot of silver in Paris.

I distinctly remember needing help ordering at the table while in Ile-de-France. One such episode dealt with tipping a waitress. I asked a man at the next table what he’s suggest. He felt I should give her less than half of the five Euros I was considering leaving. I had no change, so five euros it was. As I laid the coin flat on the table I looked up at the man. He gave me this accepting wave like I hadn’t done too much, and then he said, “Two is good. Five… some for next time.” He was saying I left her enough to cover at least two meals.
Sur la table
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July 20, 2012

Gradual left gradual right

I took this just after midnight while driving through a massive thunderstorm. I had my camera out trying to capture lightning over a freight train, but it never materialized. Rather than putting the camera away, I left it on the dash and took a few 10-second exposures on the way home. This was the last and only 20-second exposure. I focused the camera on the road in front of me at a stoplight and then released the shutter after driving for a while. It just so happened that I made a gradual left and then right while taking this exposure, making the street lights and green lights look like they slide across the horizon. I’m not sure where the reds come from, but I found them in post-processing.
Over the dash in the rain
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