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June 19, 2013

I broke my leg | Alone on LaSalle

So, today was a bit of a trip. Late for a train, attempting to avoid bumping into someone on a staircase descent, my right heel slipped on the third stair and caught the fourth. My leg bent back awkwardly and I heard a pop. A few people tried to help me, but they couldn’t. I don’t even remember them or what they said. I was so certain I broke my leg – and so focused on being able to walk down the stairs – that I paid attention to nothing but the popping in my fibula as I put pressure on the leg. It was weird.

It turns out I broke it in two places, just above the ankle. I was in a train station when it happened, one with no canteen or bathroom – or anything. I had to wait quite a while before I could get to the hospital, because the CTA doesn’t really do a good job in emergency situations (only took my name and information and let me lay there, and nobody tried to help me walk, even when I had to hobble out another 100 paces and down an elevator). Thankfully my dad was free and picked me up – a 20 minute drive from his house. Ninety minutes after my fall, I was finally getting checked out at a hospital. It took that long just to get ice. I tend to take a lot of photos, so although in a bit of agony after getting to the bottom of the stairs, then up the escalator, then a fifty-pace stumble to my resting place, I got my iPhone out to take a few photos (my camera bag acted as my leg-prop, as you can see in the photo). None of my camera gear broke in the fall, though I’m sure the extra 30 pounds contributed to my ankle’s demise… ouch!

This may put a significant dent into my one-a-day posting habit. My one-a-day posting promise! We’ll see what happens. It looks like no carrying my gear nor tripod for a few weeks. Now I’ve got a broken leg and a previously broken tripod. Thank goodness the camera bodies are intact.
Broken leg wait

I have this habit of pausing on city streets for a few minutes at night. The ambiance gets weird when you take in the size of a building over you that almost disappears up into the dark. Their enormity is shrunken down to the first handful of floors. The street becomes more important to a photo at night. It’s little bit of leftover energy is all that’s left to support the mood. It’s somewhere between empty and electric with the pace of the speeding vehicles.
Alone on LaSalle
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