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January 2, 2013

LED tree & aquarium

I noticed the Christmas lights are beginning to fade away tonight. I went for a run and most streets had fallen into mostly darkness. A few of the more decorated houses, though, had either refused to give in to January 2 rolling around or were entering procrastination mode. It reminded me of this last photo I took at Lincoln Park Zoo the Saturday before Christmas. Their LED displays were tremendous, especially down this main walk. They even lit the building at the back like an aquarium complete with fish. Last check zoos don’t have fish, aquariums do. Curious.
LED tree & aquarium
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January 1, 2013

Saint Clement from the apse

Here’s the view from on the steps of the alter at Saint Clement church in Chicago. I just used from, of, at and in in the same sentence, wow. I’m not up in the apse but more between the chancel and the apse, if we want to get technical. I’m looking up toward the corner of one side of the transept, and to the right you can see the nave leading out to the front of the church. I had a teacher in high school that had us learn everything about cathedrals and their architecture. I guess it’s a good thing to know a few fairly in-depth architectural concepts, but not many people like discussing church structure with regularity. There was a point when I thought being an architect would be cool, but when I got into a class on the subject I realized I hated drawing doors and windows, and everyone wants doors and windows, you know.

Good church ceilings are often so well-lit that you don’t have to do much to get the detail out of them. You can see the light blaring straight into my camera. Well, that’s one of a bunch of lights in this church that highlights art or architecture. I counted at least four of them pointed up toward the dome. There’s another mounted up high inside the narrow transept. If I could visit any cathedral in the world it would be Chartres, because it is insanely awesome. Where would you go?
St. Clement from the apse
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December 30, 2012

Backward off the roof

Same setting, different vantage point. After I got the skyline and the sunset to my satisfaction, I wheeled around and shot the back-lot view, which is awesome. In Chicago there are so many dwellings that don’t face the street but instead turn inward toward a parking or service area like this one. I’ve often wondered what that is like facing the backs of the other buildings. It must be weird being so tucked away. This is a long-enough exposure that someone came out the door of the third story of that building immediately below and went back in without disturbing the exposure at all
Backward off the roof
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December 29, 2012

Back on (the roof) top

Here’s a final shot of the southern view off of a six-story rooftop in Lincoln Park. With blue hour setting in and some pretty good foreground competing with the background, I had to be selective in my framing. If it wasn’t balanced or came off too jumbled, it’s failure. I loved how the distant buildings sparkled in the sunlight and yet their lit windows were still visible from so far away.
Back on (the roof) top
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December 26, 2012

Between & beyond – the wedge

While waiting for the best moment to photograph a sunset, I found myself worrying about my camera and its rather precarious position on a ledge six stories above concrete. I was forced to stand a couple of feet behind my tripod, so I couldn’t get the strap around my neck to save it in case of a sudden wind. I decided to keep one of my hands on the leg at all times in order to keep it secure – which is hardly ideal when your middle exposure will be no less than five seconds on a three-bracket HDR. I remained still, however, and captured a ton of depth in this image. It remains in focus from the edge of the wedge all the way to the distant skyline.

In case you’re wondering, the distance between the two buildings in the foreground is about five feet. The sidewalk below is of standard size, and that’s all the width needed in this area, apparently. I normally don’t post photos from the same scene in successive days, but I felt this view is so different from my last post that it still satisfies the requirement.
Between & beyond - the wedge
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December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, here’s a sunset

Merry Christmas, and to my friends and family who say “Happy Christmas,” well, Happy Christmas! I have access to very few rooftops in Chicago, but this one was available over the weekend along with a sunset. It’s always nice when a sunset comes with the view. It’s also nice when it’s cold enough that nobody ventures to the rooftops to watch the sunset. The temperature must’ve dropped quickly, because someone left the chair without a cushion and ran for the exit.
Merry Christmas, here's a sunset
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December 24, 2012

Under the green near the red

My aforementioned trip to the zoo met heavy traffic between all of the Christmas light displays. This photo sort of illustrates the commotion. What’s interesting to me is the nature by which people move. Some shuffle, others glide. Some people start and stop, but there are those that move rhythmically. A few aggressively focus their path while most meander relatively aimlessly. Some of those paths stand out in the photo, but light has a lot to do with how we digest movement in a photography. Certain colors pop out due to ambient light around them.
Under the green near the red
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December 23, 2012

Lights at the zoo

Lincoln Park zoo does its annual lighting display this time of year, and my whole family went last night. It was super crowded and tricky to navigate, but you could find a clearing or two for a photo. I took four, maybe five. This is the heart of the display nestled between the ape habitat and the cafe in the middle of the park. The lights flicker and flash to music, so multiple exposures really help to catch each item.

A couple of mentions.. this display is on a gradual decline, which is tough to show off in frame especially when it is dark. Tilting the horizon with the flow of the decline helps to give the effect of standing hillside. The indoor animal enclosures were open to the public. Dozens of people were taking flash photos of the apes – right in their faces. That takes me out of the holiday spirit. Why is this not deterred?
Lights at the zoo
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October 15, 2012

The ceiling of St. Clement

This was my view on Sunday. I’d never been inside St. Clement Church before – only walked past it – and it’s really cool inside. I can’t believe it’s not even 100 years old. The whole time I had the English nursery rhyme “Oranges and lemons, the bells of St. Clements” going through my mind. This is probably not the appropriate tune for a baptism.
The ceiling of St. Clement
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October 12, 2012

Alexander Hamilton in his place

I always found Alexander Hamilton to be a contradicted mess. Something about him bothered me. I think he lacked consistency or deviated from his path too often. I can’t remember, really, but I like what they’ve done with him in Chicago. He’s stuck in the corner of Lincoln Park, soaked in gold with flowers pouring out around him in all directions. His view of the city is partially obscured by a hill. This has to be a joke.
Alexander Hamilton in his place
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