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October 6, 2012

Somewhere outside

Black-eyed Susans always remind me of a favorite song, making those understated flowers a welcome sight, especially when they’re glowing in the sun. Today I’m adding that twisted ditty to my inspiration page, where it deservedly goes (if you’re not up for the enjoyable banter off the top just click ahead to about the 1:12 mark). Black Eye by Uncle Tupelo was Jeff Tweedy coming of age as a songwriter. It’s the ultimate arrangement of embattled youth, sung as a stone-cold lament with the juxtaposition of a jangly guitar lilt. It’s an ironic song, one about obtaining that mark, for better but ultimately for worse, that makes you seemingly identifiable. Tweedy lets us know just how much worse it gets at the end:

When he realized that this one was here to stay / He took down all the mirrors in the hallway / He thought only of his younger face

Anyway, it’s incredibly sad and incredibly beautiful. I guess the scraggly nature of the flowers do the same for me. I hope you have a listen and like the photo.
Somewhere outside
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