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June 23, 2013

The site at night

My leg problem has limited my effectiveness. This much was obvious, but the amount of rest needed with a broken bone is more than I expected. Last night I ran out of time for posting, then fell asleep, so I technically missed a day of blogging, but I did finish a photo, and here it is.

This is the other side of the construction area I posted a few weeks back. They have amazingly powerful lights to keep them working through the night. I was lucky that they kept that light on for exactly as long as it took me to take six exposures – enough to produce this photo – then they cut them off literally a second after my shutter closed on the final shot. I was on my way over the bridge and toward the loop.
The site at night
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June 8, 2013

Over construction

This construction site has had a series of candy-striped cement mixers lined up along side it in recent days, but there’s always too much clutter in the street to get a cool shot of them together. You can see them in the near-middle of the photo behind the crane. Feeling things were just too jumbled, I walked around to this side and found myself enjoying another kind of mess from this angle. Everything was everywhere, and yet the machines were whirring about doing their job. You’d think they’d need a little bit cleaner space to work from, but when they’re erecting a skyscraper I guess they’re working from a very small footprint to begin with. I think this one is going to be residential.
Over construction
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