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May 17, 2016

Color chrome, Dublin

Color chrome, Dublin
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January 18, 2016

Upper class morass

I have a feeling I’m out of my depth;
We are all out of our depth
This is deep. A deep bit of lagoon
Careful as we cross it
This notion of escape
Committees of the multinationals
Part of living in The Society
And no sense of doing wrong
The Second British Empire
City of London and its branch offices
Engaging with that concerns me
Safe within my skin
You had better mop up
Or put pressure in the right places
Upper class morass
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September 10, 2014

Sunspot scraper

The best time of day in Chicago to take photos is that sliver of change between golden hour and blue hour where the sun is just barely hanging above the horizon. You get crazy opportunities for bounced light off of skyscraper windows and plunging shadows forged by the cut of the super-long shadows. I’ve been looking at Eggleston too much recently, which is cliche and I should probably stop talking now.
Sunspot scraper
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November 23, 2013

The barn in deep blue

I wandered these 150 paces or so from the house because I was feeling miserable. That seems like a strange thing to say, but on this night I decided to begin my fight back against the broken leg I’d sustained some 15 days prior. Here, on the 4th of July, I’d learned to stumble about in discomfort rather than pain, my misery derived more from the lack of ability to shoot than the injury. With a limited cache of shots from an important trip back to one of the places I can call home, it was time to wander about and take with me what I could. In the deepest moment of blue hour the light over the barn became most attractive in a subtle way. The colors went all green underneath it’s heavy glow. It was just weird enough to warrant a photo, and I was back on my way.
The barn in deep blue
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January 17, 2013

Level 5 – free sunset

Thanks for all responses to my concerns in yesterday’s post of hitting the wall in recent weeks. It’s encouraging to know that a few others out there experience similar difficulties with posting as regularly as they’d like. I’m doing my best to remain focused at all times and keep things arrow up.

The regard for theme has been an issue for me of late. I’ve poked around looking at a few options to see if anything suits my style better, but I’m pretty set on this minimalistic look I’ve been using. It offers me large photos and generally decent formatting – save for the Twitter/Facebook/Flickr jumbled messes to the right. Please feel free to follow me on those as I’ll be working to diversify posts in the coming days/weeks/months. Facebook and Google+ will be updated with photos that are freshly made while I post one per day here.

One other blog note… A few months back my cousin recommended that I clean up my “Categories” section down on the right below all that jumbled mess I was referring to. She suggested that I limit myself to as few categories as possible, reducing specific suburbs I’m shooting into a category called “Chicago Suburbs” and such. I love this idea, but it is daunting to go back and change them all. Recommendations on the matter will be considered with great care – as I think it is probably the direction I should go. Thoughts welcome.

This is the fifth level of a local parking garage. I took my first-ever serious photo off this top platform (at the opposite end) for a photo class in high school. It didn’t go very well. My girlfriend at the time crushed me in that class (from which I earned my only C mark in school). I’ve learned quite a lot since then working both as an amateur and professional with cameras. This VW on the opposite side from that ill-fated attempt glowed almost alien-like from the blue-hour fade and flourescent lot lamps. I particularly loved that bit of light arcing up on the far side of the windshield.
Level 5 - free sunset
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January 15, 2013

Cold above, warm below

After taking photos of the setting sun from off a parking garage, I started looking around for anything that would lend well in blue hour. Blue hour is that time of day when the light from the sun is generally equal to the light from unnatural lights on the street. It can also be described as that time of day where there’s neither complete light nor complete darkness. It’s the in-between. The gloaming. When I was a kid I didn’t like this period of day very much, because it felt like the day was dying and there wasn’t quite enough light to play baseball or do whatever else. Now, I love it. The opposites, yellow and blue, pop out like at no other time. Here’s a perfect example of that – the fading daylight on the top level of the parking garage casting that usual blue-hour hue. Below, the warm reds and yellows and oranges jump in the tungsten. And no, that’s not a hole you can fall through. It’s actually on the other side of a partition.
Cold above, warm below
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December 30, 2012

Backward off the roof

Same setting, different vantage point. After I got the skyline and the sunset to my satisfaction, I wheeled around and shot the back-lot view, which is awesome. In Chicago there are so many dwellings that don’t face the street but instead turn inward toward a parking or service area like this one. I’ve often wondered what that is like facing the backs of the other buildings. It must be weird being so tucked away. This is a long-enough exposure that someone came out the door of the third story of that building immediately below and went back in without disturbing the exposure at all
Backward off the roof
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December 29, 2012

Back on (the roof) top

Here’s a final shot of the southern view off of a six-story rooftop in Lincoln Park. With blue hour setting in and some pretty good foreground competing with the background, I had to be selective in my framing. If it wasn’t balanced or came off too jumbled, it’s failure. I loved how the distant buildings sparkled in the sunlight and yet their lit windows were still visible from so far away.
Back on (the roof) top
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November 6, 2012

The quiet of a snow

It’s election day, and I’m glad it’s almost over. Too many opinions have been floating about for my liking, and I’ve done my best to tune it out. I’m sure its tiring to many people. Why is it that the fringe is almost always loudest in these things? The informed, intelligent people keep their mouths shut more often than not. I don’t read anyone’s political opinions on twitter or other social media. They’re like advertisements to me – they fall on deaf ears.

It made me think of these silent days after a good snow. The birds disappear and few people venture out. There’s always that light evening glow off the snow to catch my attention. This is where I go mentally when opinions fly. I’m somewhere down the street inside of the bend, where you’ll have to make an effort to find me.
The quiet of a snow
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June 25, 2012

International 5

The international section at O’Hare airport is numbered as the fifth terminal at an airport with only four terminals. I guess the international terminal was No. 4 back in the day, but due to renovation became No. 5 and no No. 4 was ever reopened. Most times I travel the trains between hubs I see an out-of-towner gazing up at the airport map trying to figure out where No. 4 went. No. 5 is pretty, especially during blue hour on a cloudy night when the flags are flapping.
International 5
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