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June 24, 2013

The other way up 90-94

When I arrived on this site this was the second of three shots I expected to take. The third became the first I posted, the first never materialized, and I have one more I think that will make the blog. Such sequences get spread out over time so as not to bore you, but I think this is an exciting shot, full of energy. There’s not a whole lot to say about it outside of this being the northern way up 90-94 as it parallels the lake on the western edge of downtown. You can see the beginning of it’s significant bend to the northwest as it leaves The Loop. Some of the trucks are so heavy on the elevated sections that you and your tripod bounce along with the bridges.
The other way up 90-94
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June 10, 2013

Three sixty-six | Ninety, Ninety-four

This is my 366th blog post on Just two more to go for 365 in a row. The math doesn’t work out if you haven’t been around here very much, but it actually makes sense, promise.. I’m tired, but in recent days I feel I’ve re-established some kind of work pace, and I think that’s a good thing. Maybe I’ll be able to go past 365 and see just how many days I can go. I was contemplating taking a week or two off after reaching my goal, but that would be kind of a flat outcome to the accomplishment, I think. I’ve seen others go 365 days of posting a photo a day to only stop cold at the marker. I remember my gym coach in middle school reminding us to walk off a race, don’t just lay down and huff and puff. Imagine if you just keep running… you might get stronger?

I’m not sure. What I do know is the cars never stop on 90-94, no matter the time of day. There are endless opportunities for photographs here, but no reason to hang around the expressway too long. This is the south view, and I got a couple more looking the opposite way.
Ninety, Ninety-four
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