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June 12, 2014

The banality of info

I deleted everyone and everything I was following on Twitter. It seemed like it was all scurrying past me like rats through an alleyway. Eventually the list will repopulate, differently. Doing my best not to be rat-like on Madison Street today, I dropped some change in a purple-hatted man’s empty cup who said he liked my shirt. I was wearing pink. “Really, you like this,” I offered. “I want the Lord to take me right now,” he said. All I had for him was, “I think you’re gonna be alright.” He picked up and walked away.
The banality of info

May 6, 2014

Peering into a bright light

“You should take a picture of the sun.”
“I already have a bunch of those. How about I take a photo of you?”

He gave me a thumbs up when we were done and didn’t care to see his image.
Peering into a bright light

May 5, 2014

Emergent, slippers

I appreciate this guy, greatly. The dress-down thing works, especially when dressed in the same color from head to toe. Can’t imagine leaving those things under the bed, however, after trekking alleys like this one.
Emergent, slippers
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May 4, 2014

The man next to Stan’s

I’m in the midst of a word outage again. That’s better than being stuck in photo blackout, I guess. I once went through a period for about a year where it didn’t feel appropriate to share my opinions. That makes conversations pretty rough. People tend to think opinions matter, even if they say they don’t. I’d gotten fed up with a lack of facts in conversations. You know, the flippant ones where people contradict themselves by saying one thing and doing exactly the opposite moments later? I decided I’d only offer facts unless certain about how I felt about, well, anything. It’s the sort of thing that can leave you at a distance from anything. Not in a bad way.
The man next to Stan's
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May 3, 2014

The face in the window

Whenever I’m here I can’t help but look for this, and every time it creeps me out.
The face in the window
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September 1, 2012

The shattered bus

I really love motion blur. Sometimes I think I get carried away and do too many of these, but maybe it can be one of my hallmarks? That’s a funny idea, since anyone can do it! Now and again you get a very different look when you capture something like a vehicle in motion. I thought this bus looked like it was breaking apart upon exiting the intersection.
The shattered bus
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June 20, 2012

Waiting on better

Sometimes things come together in an unusual way. Despite the cold and empty feel to this particular night there’s something warm about this image. The building feels like a wall. There’s “bad” scrawled on the facade and doorway, and somehow I sense things are getting better for the girl on the bench. Maybe it’s the warm light glowing up over the scaffolding. Maybe it’s the illuminated store in the window. I think it’s that she’s ignoring her ominous surroundings, looking into the little glow of her cellphone as she waits for a bus to take her home.
Waiting on better
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June 19, 2012

Cab flow at Damen

Damen is my favorite stop along Chicago’s blue line. There’s a ton of nightlife going on, but I’ve never been a part of that. I love the platform of the L station here. There are several vantage points that lend spectacularly to photography, and this is one of them. This is the scene looking east on North Avenue. Yes, that’s confusing if you’ve never been here. It’s a freezing cold night and relatively quiet for the Wicker Park neighborhood, even on a weekday. By the time I grabbed this capture around midnight my hands were nearly numb and snowflakes were starting to fall. The lone cab is waiting to turn left while others blitz past him.Cab flow at Damen
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