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November 29, 2012

The wedding runway

I’ve been hanging on to this photo for a while. One of my childhood friends got married this fall, and I was asked to shoot part of the wedding. I was very grateful that I wasn’t asked to do the whole wedding (though I would have done it without hesitation), because I like celebrating with friends. Shooting a wedding or any event is not about celebrating as you have to lock into this trance-like work mode. Think Jason Bourne – just not nearly as intense nor violent. Well, maybe just as violent.

Anyway, I’ve kept this shot of the aisle off the website until now because I didn’t want her to see it before I got close to finalizing her gallery. Now I kind of hope she stumbles on it and gets excited that I’m editing down the photos. No, I won’t be posting them here, but I think you get the idea that it was a pretty cool wedding. This is a few moments before the bride and groom made their way down to those pillars at the end where they were married. The curtain was white but backlit with yellow. It made this deep mahogany room go golden. So, the answer to your question is yes, I do weddings, but not if I want to party with you.
The wedding runway
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