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January 18, 2016

Upper class morass

I have a feeling I’m out of my depth;
We are all out of our depth
This is deep. A deep bit of lagoon
Careful as we cross it
This notion of escape
Committees of the multinationals
Part of living in The Society
And no sense of doing wrong
The Second British Empire
City of London and its branch offices
Engaging with that concerns me
Safe within my skin
You had better mop up
Or put pressure in the right places
Upper class morass
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January 13, 2016

Apolitical landscape

Their thoughts and prayers
Do absolutely nothing
Can’t decipher that
Apolitical landscape
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November 7, 2014

Partway through the workday

I learned today that window-cleaning is considered the most dangerous job (Vicar is the safest)┬áin the UK. That’s saying something considering they employ armed forces.
Partway through the workday
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August 19, 2014

Held by the afternoon

This guy seemed really edgy and nervous. He had boxed himself in between two buildings behind a sculpture and was sucking on what was apparently one of many cigarettes. He couldn’t stand still. He spit. He puffed. He looked into the light for only a second, and I snapped this photo. Then he looked right at me and watched me snap a second. I didn’t wait to find out if he was unhappy with me shooting him, but continuing on down the street I checked the back of the camera, which showed him looking mostly peaceful with his eyes closed. They both captured a shattered stained glass window and its reflection behind him.
Held by the afternoon
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July 28, 2014

It was a bright, cold day in July

“Watch me fall like dominoes in pretty patterns.”

-Thom Yorke
It was a bright, cold day in July
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April 14, 2014

Hooter on thatch

We went to a bird show in the mountains. It was fabulous, even if it didn’t go very well for the handler. A few of his birds didn’t follow directions on this day, including “Hooter,” the owl. Hooter took off, ignored every call and sat on the thatch roof of a nearby building – staying there for a good ten minutes. No amount of pleading earned his attention until the handler walked across the lawn, through the crowd, and offered up a massive chunk of red meat. The handler went on with three or four more birds, vocally discouraged by their performance despite the audience’s ignorance on the matter. At the end, he said we could all come for free next time. A few patrons were saying it seemed like bad business, knowing visitors wouldn’t be visiting a second time, but we still had a fun time.
Hooter on thatch
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November 5, 2013

Late burn

There’s that colorless part of night in the countryside where the sun goes away and the lights don’t take over, because there aren’t any. It’s kind of depressing, because you know when you get where you’re going the day is already done. It lasts only 20 minutes or so, but it’s kind of unsettling, even with other cars cruising along the interstate at 75 mph. I always get that feeling of the inability to relax despite the day melting away entirely. Every mile covered makes the destination somehow slide further off the horizon. In the Deep South pine trees obscure the way. On this night the sky went totally flat, acting like a curtain.
Late burn
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June 18, 2013

Chillaxin’ in the plaza

One of the best things about the open space at Daley Plaza is the availability of loose chairs on the good-weather days. People can grab them and do whatever they feel like. Some drag them over to the fountain, others cluster in groups to chat. My favorites, however, are the strays. These are people who pick any random area and just drop their chair right there. There’s this chaos to the whole thing. Unfortunately, on this day, no great patters emerged between the individuals to make a multi-person photo, but this man stood out to me. He was probably in his fifties, but he was equally attached to his massive white headphones and little iPod as any teenager strolling about. Making even more interest was the mess of chairs forming a nice line off of his position. I assumed he was a traveler with nothing to do, nowhere to go. This was reinforced by his positioning – faced directly into the sun like a bather on the beach.
Chillaxin' in the plaza
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June 11, 2013

Asymmetros windows

Parking garages are my friends. Every so often I venture to the top of one… or to the mid-level of another. Actually, I’m a big fan of not going to the top. You miss a lot of opportunities to get in-between stuff if you go to the top all the time. Your pictures end up looking the same if they’re all from the tops of things or the bottoms of things. You have to get to the middle. I think this was the 10th story of a 12-story ramp. They call them parking ramps in Minneapolis.
Asymmetros windows
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March 24, 2013

Just before exiting the beach

This is the second time this exact scene has made it on the blog, but it’s straight this time. Here’s the original photograph I posted in late August, one I took moments after today’s post. I had climbed up onto the boardwalk where the light was coming off the top of the rails and processed the photo with that reflected light very much in mind. It was funny, however, stumbling on this new version of that photo. This one carries such a different look, and I think it’s because I’m further away where the darkened sand mutes the light and color. It’s interesting how differently I processed them; I didn’t look at the previous photo until after finishing this one.
Just before exiting the beach
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