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October 14, 2012

Skyline on a platter

I almost ran out of time to post today. This would’ve marked my first time missing my 24-hour window, as I post one photo every day… but here it is, done! Minutes to spare. I kind of crash edited this old favorite in order to make it, but I’m happy to post this photo, finally. It’s been lying around for about 10-plus months.

This is the view out a hospital window in Park Ridge, which could leave a hint about a previous photo I took and posted maybe a month or so ago. I know, that’s vague. This is Chicago at sun up, sitting on the desktop. It took 10 minutes to frame, maybe 10 seconds to shoot.
Skyline on a platter
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September 12, 2012

Park Ridge night

This was a special night where you forget almost everything that’s happening except the event, and it’s not until you lay down to sleep that you reconsider if everything that did happen was real. This photo acted as my pinch-me moment that night. It was such a real moment, that I even remember all these months later that I took it with a 50 prime lens, because I was too tired to switch to something more versatile.

I kept looking out the window at this scene. It was like it reminded me that life was going on as normal in most cases. Everything was scattered about other than this little row of cars leading up to the horizon line. They were order against all else, but they were also simple and routine. I decided on blurring everything but the cars. Have you ever noticed that when you stare intently at something it becomes the only thing in actual focus? Everything else kind of melts together.
Park Ridge night

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