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August 22, 2012

The park way

This has to be one of maybe a few dozen photos of this park on the internet as of this posting. Ocean Hammock Park opened just three months ago in St. Augustine Beach, but there isn’t much to it. It seems to be just a long, bending boardwalk from the A1A to the beach, which is a beautiful walk, but it only takes a five or six minute brisk walk to complete. The question begs to be asked: Is a park that is merely a walkway actually a park? It’s called a park, so it must be.

I walked about a third of the way to the beach through the greenery and stopped when I suddenly saw my shadow. That meant the sun was peeking through a clearing and might produce some nice flare. Turning around, there wasn’t much time to grab the light before it fell behind the brush. I’m not sure why so many people avoid lens flare. To me it adds a touch of magic.
The park way
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