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March 14, 2013

Ukrainian Catholic Church on an island… or is that a peninsula?

I’ve been meaning to shoot this church for over a year, and I finally had just enough time to do so last week. It rises up out of a residential and commercial area that’s in the flight path of O’Hare, so perhaps those living around the church don’t think much about the way it protrudes over their homes. It kind of looks like a massive piece of backyard lawn art. That reminds me, a friend of mine once thought it would be hilarious to construct a water tower in his yard – you know – just to see what the neighbors did.

Long story short, the church is a Ukrainian Catholic church on Chicago’s extreme northwest side, the division designated literally as the O’Hare Community Area. What’s interesting is that the city block on which this church is standing is bordered on three sides by a village called Norridge that is 1.81 square miles and completely surrounded by Chicago. To me, that is fascinating. Either someone really wanted the church in Chicago, or somebody really didn’t want the church in Norridge. Then again, maybe this was simply the land available at the time.
Ukrainian Catholic church
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