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August 23, 2012

Low tide at Matanzas Inlet

The sea had already receded allowing for a long walk out to the edge of the water. The deep grooves of shallow water reminded me of glaciated valleys in upstate New York, so I framed them up with a wedge of blue sky. There are a few items on the horizon in this photo, including a fisherman, what I believe are oil decks in the ocean, a cluster of pelicans and some things sticking up over the treeline near the bridge. I have no recollection of the things in person, and I have no idea what they are. This is likely to remain a mystery. Click the photo for the option to blow it up. Maybe someone can figure it out.
Low tide at Matanzas Inlet
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August 20, 2012

Roundabout beach

I’m in Florida, and my internet is slow. While I don’t like Xfinity’s prices back at home it sure seems to beat AT&T on Florida’s eastern coast. My photos upload about 20-30 times slower than usual, which has given me plenty of headaches with this and other work that I’m trying to breeze through. Perhaps it’s the adopted modem in the rental?

We drove down the coast past the inlet along the Atlantic that opens up to Fort Matanzas. The A1A yields to the Old A1A for stretches of beachfront. That’s where you can find a residential strip along the coastline and stumble on a shot or two. Here, at low tide, I’m standing in a sand bed that would otherwise butt up almost immediately against the sea, but for now there are several hundred yards of pockmarked beach between me and the deep water. The receding waters groove the sand and also leave the basin’s outline visible as the band of beach stretches around the corner toward the inlet. The clouds followed the exact same course on this day. You see where the treeline in the distance hits the staircase? That’s just beyond the reach of the fort’s canons that would fire from left to right behind the blue beach house. So, very basically, inlet goes from right to left in behind the house. Fort canons fire from left to right behind the house. House is pretty, so is sand/ocean. I didn’t shoot the fort from this area, because it is actually quite small and would require a full tour to properly do so. No time for that on this day. This is the backdoor entrance by water to St. Augustine, which made it of utmost importance when the Matanzas fort was built in 1740.
Roundabout beach
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