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January 31, 2013

London windows

I struggled with what to post for today’s image. In the end, these pastel windows in London near Russell Square won me over. I think they’re on Great Russell Street or Museum Street. It doesn’t really matter where they are considering what I did with them. The light was coming from the back, and I knew I was going to thrash this in editing. They actually look quite a bit different than this, but there was something about their shape or structure that I wanted to call attention to. I also wanted the wires to stand out.

The windows reminded me of one of my favorite English bands, Joy Division, in the way that they are astutely British and somehow beautiful and falling apart all at once. I wasn’t sure to like them or wonder about their relevance in the future. There are so many old and awesome buildings in London, but in a way they kind of halt progress. That is to say the new runs into the old and needs to find its way around. It clashes fiercely. I’m not complaining. I quite like them – the old buildings, that is. I’m just not sure if that will be the case for a few generations down the line. At some point everything’s a dinosaur.
London windows
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November 17, 2012

Big Ben over Westminster

I’ve continued to go backward in recent weeks with photo selections, and here is another. It has equal parts to do with my exhaustion from a super-busy weekend and some current nostalgic thoughts of my trips overseas. This has been a hectic year, and I didn’t leave the country for the first time in a few years.

The London Eye might be the best way to see the central part of the city, but as a photographer you only get one loop around to set yourself up for a shot. On a rainy afternoon I wedged my tiny lens between water droplets and quickly snapped whatever I could. That included this tighter framing of the two English icons.
Big Ben over Westminster
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