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December 14, 2012

Pink ice cream shop – Keswick

This is just one of those happy little finds in between some buildings in a crowded photogenic town. On the way back to the car in Keswick I had to stop and shoot down this little way. I’m not sure if it’s an alley or a walk or if that car is even parked legally. I didn’t sample the ice cream. The man in the doorway isn’t waving at me, although it appears in the picture he is. It was just standing out – the only pink item in an otherwise uniformly gorgeous English town.
Pink ice cream shop - Keswick

October 10, 2012

Over Keswick (with a point & shoot)

I love this photo. There are all sorts of problems with it, but I still love it. You have to hear the story to understand why. The other day I posted a photo looking the other direction from this site – back at the lake behind me as a ferry raced across my frame. This is the view back at town from on top of the little hill I was laying on. Yes, I had to lie down to take the shot, because I didn’t have a tripod. I was forced to nestle my camera in such a way that the blades of grass didn’t defeat my view. They still obstructed things in a very obvious way – a way I feel works for the photo.

There were sheep all around me scurrying about eating and bleating and attempting to defeat my photo, but I finally was able to crop them out. So imagine me laying there on top of this hill, sheep (and their dung – I had to contort to avoid any part of my body getting messy) strewn all about around me, while this amazing view unfolds thanks to the pools of sunlight breaking through a partly cloudy sky. I would’ve liked a slightly better crop job. A tripod would’ve been quite helpful. A DSLR could’ve improved the image quality and clarity a bit. In the end, however, it all came together and retains that impact of the quaint village in the beautifully picturesque mountains, which is undoubtedly Keswick. Is it OK to say you love your own photo?
Over Keswick (with a point & shoot)
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October 8, 2012

Keswick is a painting

I don’t like when people say a place looks like a postcard. It’s hard to explain. Believe me, I get the sentiment, but a postcard is too small and too derivative to appropriately transfer the energy you experience when in a special spot like Keswick.

In part, I believe my trip to the Lake District motivated me to purchase two DSLR cameras within 16 months of my visit. I had hacked my point-and-shoot Canon with software to allow for creating RAW files for HDR photography, but it was clumsy at best. Sometimes I got just two exposures when aiming for three or five. Other times I got the same exposure for all three frames (please excuse the photography talk). In short, I never knew what was going to come out of the camera, but I forced it to the edge of its capabilities in order to learn more about producing images. Most of what I wanted to do in Keswick fell far short of what was in front of me, and my little SX120, try as it might, strained to grab the detail, light and color that completely overwhelms you here.

Ever since, I’ve gone with a T3I or 5D Mark II to make my HDR photos. While still being a full believer in almost any camera (that actually works) being enough to produce quality images, that little extra something is often needed to recreate ambiance or atmosphere in order to put you back within the place. I overwrought the detail in this double HDR photo from my point-and-shoot. A painting treatment was what saved it from the scrap heap in the end. I’m happy it found its place in the blog.
Keswick is a painting
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