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October 29, 2012

Wind farm on the plain

All over Central Illinois wind farms are popping up. Their purpose and need is obvious, but their affect on the countryside is just amazing. I used to drive this stretch of road maybe twice a week, and it’s almost unrecognizable with the dozens of nearly 400-foot towers lining the plain. The area looks foreign and almost otherworldly.

Yesterday I only had a few minutes to snap away, but I could’ve spent an entire day here. I read an article about how these giant propellers hum like jet engines, but I didn’t hear a sound. Both parts majestic and eerie, they draw you toward them from a great distance. I wanted to drive through and feel them tower over me, but this is as about as close as I could get due to time restraints. From what I understand the farms on which they’re positioned have to deal with “light flicker” in the earliest and latest hours of the day with the sun getting blocked momentarily by the blades again and again and again. At night, in the pitch dark, it must be weird knowing they’re there and lining the horizon and not see them. I can’t wait to go back.
Wind farm on the plain
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