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October 19, 2012

A photo should hurt

As the sun rose it formed this laser beam that you couldn’t look at for more than a moment or else have it burned into your retinas. It was almost disappointing that you had to look away, because the color started right there in the reflective water. Looking up was easy, because the oranges and blues kind of melted together in an enjoyable way. Looking down you were more rewarded, and it hurt. What’s amazing is staring at that portion of the photo, if you then look away, the light burns into your vision. It isn’t nearly as intense as the real thing, but it’s there. Try it. Hold your gaze there for 10 seconds, and then look into the pinky blue. A greenish yellow stain goes with you.

I think a good photo has a similar emotional quality to it as the overpowering light. It should impact you immediately in a way that you don’t want to turn away. Ever. My wide lens bent the edges of the horizon down. I straightened it at first, and then went back to the original. There’s something about bending a photo to your perception that makes this feel appropriate.
A photo should hurt
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October 5, 2012

Untitled I

I couldn’t think up a title for this. The file is called “line of light,” because at first the stretch of sunlight stood out to me. The more I processed the photo, the more the pink came out. Then the extension between the sun and myself became more apparent via the piling and its shadow. So, I’m not sure. It seems like some sort of slightly skewed reach at something beautiful now. Not in a bad way. I think I’ll leave it untitled until it hits me. Suggestions welcomed, and remember that I do not use one-word titles whenever possible. Thanks.

Of note, and not relating to naming the photo, there’s a yacht right above the piling at the horizon. They sat in the sun’s stretch of light as the sun rose up over the horizon. You can see a few birds out in the red if you look closely, too.
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September 20, 2012

Bottom to the top

I came very close to missing my goal of posting a photo per day today. For some reason things didn’t line up very well, but I raced to get this image on the blog just minutes before the day kicks over into Friday. There were no tense moments, but if my internet wasn’t working that would’ve been a major problem tonight. Seems to be a regular concern of late.

I woke up at 4:46 a.m. on Sunday to take this image among others. I believe this was taken close to 7:00 a.m. after most of the warm dawn horizon light had worn off. There was still plenty of color to be found in the water and off the buildings. I set up just right of this corner to offset the skyline’s predominance to the right. At the proper angle you could clearly see the underwater rocks.
Bottom to the top
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September 18, 2012


I don’t like one-word titles. In school a girl told me her English teacher told her that one-line titles for poems and stories were amateur. They were incapable, ignorant attempts to rewrite the title word’s definition – according to him via her. That stuck with me for some reason, even if it is ridiculous. I found a little bit of value in that idea. Ever since, I try to write at least two-word titles for everything I do. In doing so I’m legitimately attempting to be more descriptive and creative with the entire piece, be it a blog or otherwise, but not today. I was out of ideas. Maybe it is because I got up at 4:46 a.m.

Before the sun rose but after first light the sky turned this hazy red and everything else went blue. It created a distance between me and everything. The things in the shadows, despite their relative closeness to the coast, sunk back into the water. The warm glow carefully kept its distance at the horizon and partially overhead. Waiting for the sun for what seemed like forever, it finally raced up into the sky at a pace that made you wonder if a day was really 24 hours long. That austerity’s source is best understood through the lightest exposure (+2 EV). I’ve included it as the second photo in this post as it is my favorite image in the bracket, outperforming the resultant HDR image from my perspective.
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Away +2 EV
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