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October 22, 2012

The way to the game

It took 134 posts to earn 1,000 likes on this blog. Thanks for the support. Yesterday I came across someone who didn’t like me.

I made a wrong turn and ended up in stadium traffic, which was surprising since the game was already in the third quarter. I got out of it with a quick right off of Central and ended up here. The lady whose house I stopped in front of was at the ready with her dog. They stood at their door like curious security guards hoping to make that trumped-up bust at the mall. You know the one… where the teenage shoplifters set off the alarm and get busted red-handed with something in their bag still clipped to an alarm badge… only to find out the item is on the receipt… and it’s the store’s fault not to have clipped it. The sign said NO PARKING, not NO STANDING. She stayed inside, and I took with me her otherwise perfect view. I’m assuming she hates stadium traffic. She’s probably laughing on the inside that Northwestern lost to Nebraska, 29-28.
The way to the game
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