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March 22, 2014

Almost in Estcourt

Sometimes what is wrong with a photograph is what is right with it. Normally, I obsess over angles and geometry. I’m the type of person who walks into a room and immediately dissects it for shape and line. This started as a kid – when bored in class I would try to think up different angles on the walls where I could bounce a fictitious ball and make it come back to me. Though I didn’t consider it then, I was simply triangulating my position to corners and anchor points around me, naturally composing structure of elements. To this day I constantly do this. Some people search for the exit when they walk into a room; I see patterns and lines that shape themselves to me, against me or between each other.

How does this apply to the photo I’m showing today? It doesn’t. Well, it always does, but most of that structure is lost on this particular photo. I was disappointed, because my shutter button didn’t fire at the moment I wanted. I missed the shot I saw in my mind. Passing, though, the man was still of central interest to me, so out the car window I went for him again and captured something disjointed, irregular and close to unappealing. It is still colorful, vibrant and full of life. The photo is simultaneously cluttered and blank. It is a passing moment and full of possibilities. All of the energy in frame flows to the left, but we are drifting right to a blank brick wall. It feels like the passing moment it is, entirely made up of almost.
Almost in Estcourt
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March 18, 2014

An escort through Estcourt

One of the travel recommendations for South Africa is keeping doors and windows locked when sitting at red lights. Locals will tell you the same; the potential for petty crime (or worse) is ubiquitous, as evidenced by the barb wire at the top of the wall in this photo. Cars are often targets.

Given the surroundings, however, it’s difficult not to keep the window down whilst moving. Rolling through Estcourt you get the feeling the town of 22,000 has seen better days. It’s not the cleanest nor best kept place in SA, but it is still colorful and vibrant. I shot maybe 50 frames as we meandered into and out of town on our way to the game reserve, all speeding by at a quick clip. In such instances you prepare and hope for the best, and sometimes you get lucky – like this concerned adult perfectly in stride with an emotional little boy.
An escort through Estcourt
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