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December 11, 2012

Precarious stacking, Amsterdam

I only caught a glimpse of this building. Riding along one of the canals the boat captain pointed at things in the opposite direction, and by the time I had wheeled around to see what we had missed I almost missed this. It looked like it could topple over at any moment, and my memory tells me that top portion is actually slightly skew. Makes you wonder if the floors are level or not.

Anyone can take this shot! It’s a single digital negative over and underexposed to build more contrast and depth. With the boat moving and running away from the building a true HDR photo would be impossible. This is taken on a point-and-shoot almost two years ago when I was only dabbling in high dynamic range.
Precarious stacking, Amsterdam
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September 9, 2012

Amsterdam canal remix

UPDATE: Inspiration – I finally got around to posting some things I’ve just discovered or had almost forgotten about on my Inspiration page. Please take a look. I hope you love something there.

A few days in Amsterdam produced many empty skies. It remained light gray and vacant the entire time. The overcast was like an extra wall to an ultra-walled city. Everything here is up-close and narrow due to all of the old architecture and waterways. Sightlines crash into one another and destroy patterns, so finding an angle is more rare than in many places. After hunting for photos for 48 hours, this widening in the canal gave me just enough room to feel like I could relax into the space. Sometimes I need to feel that way in order to allow a photo to properly happen. This was taken with my point-and-shoot.
Amsterdam canal remix
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