I’ve recently turned toward reducing clutter, including words. Photography, in most cases, should stand up on its own, and though I sometimes enjoy playing words to pictures I find language more often than not results in failure.

My photos may be downloaded for personal use as screen savers or desktop backgrounds, but they are not available for commercial use. I subscribe to the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license, which means my photos require attribution if reposted on a blog or facebook page. Please link back to my work and list or caption my site Neverphoto.com whenever posting to your non-commercial blog or website. If you’d like to use my photos commercially, please comment on a specific image you’d like to use, or you may purchase prints from my online store.


15 Responses to “About”

    • Thank you, although I find it odd to accept a compliment on something about what I’m doing rather than what I’m doing, no? Thanks for your myriad responses. I read them all.

  1. Lovely pictures you have here, so inspiring. Followed you on Twitter so I’ll be looking out for more amazing uploads.

  2. Awesome photos! All the best to you! 😀

  3. I went to your Smugmug site and was blown away. I can see how your experience with video has influenced your photograph. So many of your images have motion or implied motion. Many of them also have a strong narrative that is so important to video. I’m also a bit jealous, living and working in New York….

    • Thanks, Tim. You’re almost as nice as my mom. Seriously. I kind of stumbled backward into photography. Studied it in school, realized I hated the dark room, went into video to eventually do things other than use the camera, forced myself to be better at the camera every day in order to improve my chances of promotion, and it suddenly clicked. I became addicted; videography became my escape from my job. It was like entering a space of pure creativity. I finally went back to photography when I started traveling & applied different techniques I remembered from film & also from video in order to kind of find my point of view. It took years to get to a place where I felt competent, but I like it more than video now. There’s no need to be jealous. 🙂 I’m lucky to find one in ten frames that I want to make into a photo. I know the challenges of sorting it all out. If you ever want to talk photography or learn some new stuff, I’m more than happy to share in the process.

      All the best, Nev.

      • I did read your “About”. That was one of the reasons I commented on your photos related to your video. My jealousy relates to living in NYC. So many opportunities to photograph. Thanks again. Oh, I did respond sooner because, I’ve been traveling all day and I’ve not had an opportunity to respond until now.

      • No reason to be jealous about that… I don’t live in NYC.

  4. Bonjour

    I’ve really enjoyed discovering your great pictures – l need to come back a few times to view the archives – looking forward to it.



  5. Have you thought about offering your photos for licensing on 500px? Looking at some of your recent images–your photography is getting better and better. You are really REALLy gifted. And you know I’m an authority : )
    All the best


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