I’ve forgotten everything I’ve ever said

I’ve come to accept that a majority of people I come into contact with are going to tell me the same stories over and again. Or they’re going to repeat the structures of how they will tell me these stories. Exasperation, consternation, humor, reconciliation, conclusion. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’m finding myself less interested in sharing for fear of falling into ruts of this variety. The more you put the words in your mind into some kind of space to be digested, the more aware you become of the taste of the meal. If not to the right temperature, never serve.
I've forgotten everything I've ever said
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6 Comments to “I’ve forgotten everything I’ve ever said”

  1. Those conversations are a little like reading a book for the tenth time, you know how it ends but there still might be some slivers of flesh on the bone so you listen patiently.. Only to find that it is just bone again, still without the pedestrian, how could you enjoy the rare but beautiful novelties?
    Have I ever told you that I want to be a bus? Probably not 🙂

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