You’d never understand

I’m still obsessed with photographing the sky. It’s not a phase. Usually I control myself, but lately a few good ones have floated my way. A good sky isn’t good because it makes you feel something; it’s good because it’s got you feeling nothing. It leaves you sensing your irrelevance. That’s a good sky, one that flirts with total abandonment. A good sky literally grabs you and shakes you (a few times in the best-case scenario) and then stops at once to give you the Mona Lisa – a look of contented uninhabitence, to manufacture a word. It knows you’d never understand. It’s vast and full and empty and changing, and if there’s a miniature plane mutely numbing through it, all the better.
You'd never understand
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2 Comments to “You’d never understand”

  1. Thanks. Like the shit, your thoughts, the city and the sky! Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (give it a spin!).

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