Alone, save for a giraffe

It’s weird to get out of the car when you’re in the bush. This happens rarely, or very infrequently, and it feels like that moment where you realize you forgot a towel when exiting the shower. You’re in the open. It’s somewhat uncomfortable. You wonder if you’re being watched, and by whom.

So, you can imagine how I felt walking about a mile through Weenen, a park without predatory animals, mostly alone. I kept turning around as the campsite got further and further away, until it was just a dot. I remember taking out my second camera to shoot a 360-degree video, because I was literally alone in the wilderness for a few minutes. Then I turned around and saw this giraffe staring at me over the brush line. In another park it could have been a lion, and I would never have been standing there in the open.
Alone, save for a giragge
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