For the rain or the sun

It was one of those mixed days where downpour and sunburn were equally likely. Sometimes it rained whilst sunny. This, I’m informed, is called a Monkey’s Wedding. There were four weddings that day, one being quite volatile. Just as it started, it stopped. The thick drops slapped at the wipers, spread across the windscreen and sizzled into the sky in minutes. It happened so quickly I wondered if the same recycled drops might fall on us again. In the very next valley, this man came strolling over the hill with his umbrella at the ready, another storm rolling up behind him.For the sun or the rain
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2 Comments to “For the rain or the sun”

  1. My sister lives in tanzania and when ever it rains everyone runs outside with buckets or anything to catch water and it seems that as soon as the rain has started it stops again but the amount of water that has fallen is amazing.
    Like the shot, the person will the umbrella is the focus yet so well hidden making you work for the image. Like it a lot.

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