The Valley Bakery, Cathkin Park

It’s a simple place, mostly. There’s the black & white tile floor, the kids play area, the picnic-like tables and forgettable chairs. The walls hold gray on the outside; barely-visible monkeys swing from the trees across the lot behind an electric fence. Inside, canvasses cover the place. The bathrooms, cutouts in the corner, are somehow pretty. Then you try the doughnuts and learn where they’re hiding the masterpiece. Art is edible.
The Valley Bakery, Cathkin Park
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2 Comments to “The Valley Bakery, Cathkin Park”

  1. Love edible art, althoug since I can’t eat alot of things edible art doesn’t really love me.
    Great shot, I dont normally like ghostsing and blurring in an image but it actually works quite well here adding movement to the image.

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