Vortex revisited

This probably shouldn’t be called “revisited,” because it’s the first photo I’ve posted from either of the two polar vortex events in Chicago this winter. This is the second massive dip in temperatures from February. I had 45 minutes in eight-degree weather to wander a beach on the north side of the city and ended up in waist-deep snow. After finding my way along a wall protruding up just above the drift, jumping from section to section across four-foot divides, I ended up along this ledge. Here, the lake separated from the ice, and a half-dozen ducks swam in the water. The wind gusted, justifying the -8 windchill.

I didn’t post this for a while, because it seemed like a thousand vortex photos floated around from various photographers at the time. I had no motivation. Now that it’s spring, it’s nice to know how far things have come. The temps climbed up over 70 degrees the past couple of days, and yet I still strolled past a parking lot with a pile of snow in the corner just ten days ago.
Vortex revisited

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2 Comments to “Vortex revisited”

  1. Beautiful Lake Michigan and skyline shot. Might have hated the cold and Polar Vortex this winter, but loved some of the pictures and scenes it provided. 🙂

    • Thank you, Aaron. Yeah, it was very interesting to say the least. I was actually left disappointed on the coldest days – I was too busy to go out on the lakefront. This ended up being my only opportunity for capturing the lake. It was well worth it, and I was one of several out there.

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