A wide open conversation

I shot a lot of photos driving by at 50 or 60 mph on this trip. This is another one. You see it coming, you line it up how it will be when you get to that point ahead of you in a few seconds, you anticipate it falling together, click. The shot comes together in an instant, five seconds before it happens, and it’s all in your head. For me, it’s like taking photos through that childhood toy – the View-Master. You know how you put the wheel in and pull the trigger to slide the next scene into the binocular-like view finder? That’s the shot – it comes from the edge and slides into the frame, and it’s gone. I both love and hate shooting this way. There’s that element of the challenge and getting what you think you’ll be seeing. There’s that distance, however, as you’ll never enter the subject’s space.
A wide open conversation
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