Hooter on thatch

We went to a bird show in the mountains. It was fabulous, even if it didn’t go very well for the handler. A few of his birds didn’t follow directions on this day, including “Hooter,” the owl. Hooter took off, ignored every call and sat on the thatch roof of a nearby building – staying there for a good ten minutes. No amount of pleading earned his attention until the handler walked across the lawn, through the crowd, and offered up a massive chunk of red meat. The handler went on with three or four more birds, vocally discouraged by their performance despite the audience’s ignorance on the matter. At the end, he said we could all come for free next time. A few patrons were saying it seemed like bad business, knowing visitors wouldn’t be visiting a second time, but we still had a fun time.
Hooter on thatch
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4 Comments to “Hooter on thatch”

  1. Nice shit, at first I thought he was trying to camouflage himself on the roof. Also naughty birds at a bird show, they do say never work with children or animals.

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