Recross way

Nabbed going 80 kmh through Cape Town, this man is climbing a staircase to a bridge that goes back over the highway. You can purchase naming rights of the bridge if you like, which seems very American to me, and I was surprised to see this sort of money-grab in South Africa.

When I returned to the USA I met a man from Togo at a wedding. Upon asking where he was from and explaining where I’d returned from, he was quick to point out while simultaneously gesturing to the beautiful room in which were were standing, “This business. America business.” He said it with a massive smile, with this calm body language that suggested it was why he was here. “Africa,” he said with an even bigger smile, “Africa, life.” He held his head cocked sideways to allow me to let it sink in, but I was already thinking the same way.
Recross way
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