A bridge to cross

I’ve become obsessively critical of my own photos. They’re never complete. Sometimes I love them for being unfinished, other times I worry that I’m content with imperfection. Previously, when it was all about getting one image on this page per day, I only worried about completing an image each day. Now it’s about crafting things in a way that I’m potentially not comfortable with. Am I here to refine or share – or is it something else? Should I just do one a day and get on with it?

Why I was taking photos and of what became topics of conversation in South Africa. Most of the time I had little reason other than there was a value to what I was seeing, and it was potentially translatable if I took a photo. I’m a very conscious photographer. My best work comes when I’m aware of things happening around me on all sides – even the people watching me shoot or having a conversation with me end up mattering. This comes from my background as a videographer. Shooting video for news is this maelstrom of what will happen next. You’re on edge, because the event is living and evolving without need for you, and anyone in the room can become a subject. Feeling it through is the way to anticipate what will become the story; overshooting with whatever you can get is the opposite of success. When this man popped up on the road in front of us we were discussing dinner, and I was hungry for anything.
A bridge to cross
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2 Comments to “A bridge to cross”

  1. This image has a lot of great qualities. The line leading the viewer into the human that appears to be so far off, either by distance or in thought, plus the symmetry of the bridge and trees frame him out. Is he coming or going, and why, in what appears to be the middle of no where? The image is thought provoking! I like it very much and would love to see it in black and white!

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