Like they’ve seen a ghost

Storms have this captivating power in them that simultaneously warns to flee and begs to watch. I remember as a kid during a potential tornado being unable to remove my face from the window as the tattered bottoms of the smokey clouds twisted like cotton candy around a stick. You half wondered if you’d waited too long; maybe the siren should’ve already sounded. What makes them beautiful is itself panic. Skies go awesome when you shouldn’t be there. This was shaping up that way.

The product on a beef farm knows better than to trust. I have to let you know this photo is taken whilst leaving their area. I was standing on the back of a pickup truck, or bucky as they’re called there, and shot this from over my shoulder. It might explain the mood better that way. Cows have this thing where they watch intently as you enter their grounds, and they continue to never take their eyes off of you even as you exit. I had to wonder if what drove us to leave remained there curling up over their heads all dark and purple as they considered whether we’d actually departed. It was a stare-down until the grass rose up to meet their eyes and cover them.

When the rains hit that night – hard enough to shake apples off the trees and slam them like dull rocks against the tin roof – I imagined the cows still standing out there facing the gate, cold and slicked with wet, knowing rain never slows a ghost.
Like they've seen a ghost
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2 Comments to “Like they’ve seen a ghost”

  1. Great narrative and it did the job because now I can only feel apprehensive looking at the photo!

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