Congo morning

In the last portion of the flight, as we crossed the southern region of Africa on our way to Johannesburg, the sun jumped up on the wing and sat there for a good half hour. I think I took about 150-175 photos as the light changed every couple of minutes. I brought the shade down and shielded the reflection in the window with my blanket (this is the only thing an airplane blanket is good for!) and managed to get a handful of shots I was happy with. People must’ve thought I was a little crazy.

Airplane windows distort images pretty badly. To me, this is good. I like the strange warping and I can bring back the sharpness later – or not at all. I’d been staring at the map, watching us wind our way down the Congo River for hours, but I can’t remember if this is taken over Congo, or potentially Zambia, or even Zimbabwe. Congo morning just sounded best to my ears.
Congo morning
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