African Maize

I’m not exactly sure where I shot this, but it probably doesn’t matter. It’s another of those images where I’m blasting by in the backseat of a car, but I know I can catch it on the run. It’s not the best way to do photography, but it forces you to work for a shot a little bit. There were so many cornfields running the dirt roads of KwaZulu-Natal, and with harvest time nearing they all looked tall and strong. In fact, the presence of corn and soy made me feel right at home like I was in the American Midwest.
African Maize
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One Comment to “African Maize”

  1. In a parallel world maybe Africa is America and the Native americans were taken as slaves and transplanted in Africa. I wonder how different the this would would be.

    Great shot, looking forward to seeing more from your trip.

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