An escort through Estcourt

One of the travel recommendations for South Africa is keeping doors and windows locked when sitting at red lights. Locals will tell you the same; the potential for petty crime (or worse) is ubiquitous, as evidenced by the barb wire at the top of the wall in this photo. Cars are often targets.

Given the surroundings, however, it’s difficult not to keep the window down whilst moving. Rolling through Estcourt you get the feeling the town of 22,000 has seen better days. It’s not the cleanest nor best kept place in SA, but it is still colorful and vibrant. I shot maybe 50 frames as we meandered into and out of town on our way to the game reserve, all speeding by at a quick clip. In such instances you prepare and hope for the best, and sometimes you get lucky – like this concerned adult perfectly in stride with an emotional little boy.
An escort through Estcourt
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2 Comments to “An escort through Estcourt”

  1. Humanity, trust……and mistrust……..
    I have a similar post of a man and a boy walking taken in Fort Cochin

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