Back from Afrika

I’d struggled with photography for the better part of seven months for two reasons: 1) I’d broken my leg and was unable to do what I wanted to for much of the second half of last year and 2) getting paid for making photos sometimes gets in the way of being creative. It’s very true, the struggle between time and energy and space to make what you want to make sometimes falters under the weight of needing to be paid for making something creatively.

For the two months leading up to the trip to South Africa I’d spent a lot of time talking to clients and hoping to shape some work for my return in early March. My time felt compressed and uncreative. I felt the pressure of producing photographs but had little energy to build them in a productive way. There was the hope that African landscapes might change that, but then I amassed 4,500 photographs in the span of 17 days and felt stuck under the blanket of where to start. It’s a heavy quilt.

Fortunately in the last two days a few random edits have proven productive. Things are coming together again for the first time in well over a month. I’m hoping that making photographs again regularly, maybe even daily, is a very real possibility for the rest of this year. No, I won’t be editing all 4,500 photos I took on the trip, but maybe several hundred of them will float their way into this blog.
Back from Afrika
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5 Comments to “Back from Afrika”

  1. Please put the town and province

  2. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, so having a huge backlog to process is quite intimidating, and also you probably needed the break. I hope that your vision is getting refreshed now Nev.

    • I think the issue for me was not feeling motivated enough to shoot. I didn’t wan to do decent things; it was about having great subject-matter to work on. Now that I have so much – it’s about where to start each time! 🙂

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