True for a while

I’d been mulling over the idea that time might not exist as we think we experience it and finally looked it up. I see it’s been a topic for a few years in quantum physics. Kind of makes me wonder if I actually dreamed up the idea in my head or if I’d seen it somewhere and remembered it as a memory.

That became the background for this photo – shot on Halloween of last year but left alone for a while. I knew I liked the photo, but editing immediately would be too fresh; I’d have a memory of what it was like to be there. Going back to it months later I potentially saw different things unnoticed if I remembered exactly what it was I was going for in frame. It’s kind of a sad photograph now, I think. Something about life going on as it does irregardless of anything taking place.
True for a while
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2 Comments to “True for a while”

  1. You’ve given me something to think about today.

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