Abbreviated tree line

I have a very good memory, most of the time. If you put a list of 20 things in front of me, then take it away after I’ve read them over twice, I’ll remember 19 of them (in order) the rest of the day. If you have me drive a piece of road for an hour and ask me to recall significant landmarks in reverse order several hours later, I can probably name 15 with ease.

This became very apparent when I used to drive chunks of Louisiana on a daily basis. Down there, nobody gives lock-down directions you can follow on a map – they all flip a landmark or two into the navigating, like “turn at the fourth big house down the second dirt road.” It can get confusing if you aren’t paying attention. Anyway, there’s this little stretch of road going west out of Alexandria called 28 West, and just outside of town, where it narrows to two lanes and rises up a ridge and past a dwelling or two, there’s this opening on the left to Tunk’s. I went right past it last time I was there, but you should eat there. This is the view I took from that little trip.
Abbreviated tree line
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