In the window wall

Man, I’m struggling with making photos of late. I dislike leaving my space blank, and I’m even more disappointed to be talking about it again, so that’s it; I’m not talking about it anymore. I’m just going to post, move on, post again. I need to get into a new flow of making, making making. That’s the end of the fee-dragging. Time to get going.

Things in windows and people along walled-in settings have been catching my eye lately – or rather how things in windows and within spaces tend to blend together to create a compound feeling of space. I’ve been less-interested in technically created images and more into things that just kind look interesting in a very simple way. There’s something about catching them as they are without overthinking it but still putting a little creativity in there.
In the window wall
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4 Comments to “In the window wall”

  1. Simplicity is always nice…and we even catch a glimpse of you – your reflection in this simple, yet lovely image. I like the outfit!! Have a good one! Robyn

  2. I love simplicity and this is very striking to me. Glad to see you’re back posting again.

    • I find it interesting that you feel that way about it, Anita. I am quite aware of your valuing of simplicity. I can see it in how you do your paintings. I find people either love this photo or can’t stand it, which is kind of what I was hoping for. Maybe I like the complexity in even the simplistic.

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