Traveling backward

I’ve been extremely busy with other things of late, like healing from my broken leg and shooting a wedding and another event. It’s kind of tricky going between stills and video from one Saturday to the next. I’m always paranoid that I’m going to leave something out of place because of the little changes in details between the two, but because of that concern things tend end up in the right places. Everything works out in the end, though I’m just shy of madman in the moments between. To complicate matters I even stepped in a drainage ditch while covering the wedding – no injury! Also, my battery was dead upon returning to my car that night after 10 hours of shooting. Thankfully my camera batteries all worked just fine.

I’ve been playing with a new computer and editing software in the meantime, including messing around with some video I shot well over a year ago. This is a rudimentary recording in many ways. The entire thing is shot with my T3i and its ultra-basic audio capabilities. I did nothing to enhance the images nor the audio, so as to make everything feel a bit stark and grounded. Hopefully it’s something people find interesting. I see the guitarist from time to time at an L stop I travel through. He’s a nice guy and always strikes up conversations with people around him, especially if they ask about what he’s playing. He was really happy to have someone record him playing. I think there’s something sinister in his style that mimics the underground world of the L. The other day I saw him playing again and asked if he minded that I post a video of him. He said it was fine. Now I need to give him the link.


4 Comments to “Traveling backward”

  1. Nice editing and original video. Good job!

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