Storm over the platform – avoiding arrest again

I’ve been mostly MIA on my blog for the past two months. I’m not happy about this, but it was necessary. I shot a couple of video events in recent weeks, and prior to that my broken leg precluded carrying my gear around regularly. I’m happy to report that I’m back to walking around with a 12-pound bag of photo gear over my shoulder, though sometimes the muse doesn’t come back to you so quickly. In recent days I’ve noticed I’m a bit slow to return to the finds I’m normally on to, and I’m not sure why. Time to get aggressive.

A huge thunderstorm blasted through Chicago last week and left at an opportune time. It’s remnants were menacing and beautiful. Unfortunately, my only opportunity to capture them with my camera occurred at a platform that was being watched by security. After a handful of minutes shooting someone came up shouting at me and threatened to call the cops on me. I wasn’t combative, just questioned the answers. I guess you’re not even allowed to do that these days. Authority is pretty inept when you try to be helpful and think things through with them. They’re not used to that, maybe.
Storm over the platform
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4 Comments to “Storm over the platform – avoiding arrest again”

  1. I generally like everything you post, but I like this extra.

  2. So glad you are able to find precious time to do this again so we can enjoy your talent!
    This is quite a beautiful view … drawn toward the aqua dot in the center, yet find the luminous
    buildings on the right captivating!

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