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August 6, 2013

Green law house – Louisiana

This is the back side of a law office. Yes, a law office. It’s in a mostly empty section of downtown Alexandria, Louisiana. There’s literally nothing across from it and empty buildings lining the street. There was something excellent about it being more green than it’s own grass, especially with the pink fringing. Notice the shattered door. I’m also a fan of the picket fence. Behind me, right around the corner, is a bail bondsman’s office. Across the street from there is the jail with a courthouse next door. Talk about one-stop shopping!
Green law house
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August 1, 2013

Abandoned entrance

I don’t shoot a lot of urban decay photos. There’s a massive genre out there, and there are people that are much more interested in it than I am, so I kind of feel like those that have a passion for it are taking care of it. I remember hearing an English reporter talking about this sort of feeling when his favorite Football team became good, and he consequently became less of a supporter, because they had enough support for the time being. He went on and cheered for another of his favorited less-popular teams during that period. That’s what it’s like for me with regard to photo genres; I try to stay out of them because they are being handled. Yes, I shoot HDR, but no, I don’t really identify with HDR-looking photography. I simply like when it is applied well to improve a scene.

So, for me, this door is more about how it fits together with the space around it. It’s not making sense, and you wonder how it ever did. Whomever felt the need to slather together all of these elements around it must’ve known everything would end up looking this way, forgotten and blighted, I’d think. I used to work right around the corner and never noticed the building until my most recent return last month.
Abandoned entrance
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