Stardust over the goat farm

While nursing my broken leg back to some level of decency, I found myself on a trip to Texas and Louisiana. The airport was an ordeal, even in a wheelchair. Everyone, I mean everyone, had to help me. By the end of the week, however, I was able to climb into the bed of a pickup truck to shoot this night sky. We were just far enough into the countryside that the stars really came out. That big light crashing through the exposure is right in front of the barn behind the dwelling.
Stardust over the goat farm
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4 Comments to “Stardust over the goat farm”

  1. This is a beautiful photo! I love the silhouettes! I can never seem to get nighttime shots to turn out. I love this!!

  2. hope your leg recovers soon 😦 beautiful capture x

    • Thanks for the well-wishes, Chloe. I was well enough to climb into a pickup, though I’ve been so limited photographically it’s been really weird. I’m kind of wondering how long it will take to be “normal” again. Could be forever…. 😉

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