Halfway thru a broken leg & Reworking a building

Hi. I haven’t posted in this space in 17 days, but it isn’t because I didn’t feel like coming here. That’s not entirely true; I was getting tired from my year-plus of posting each and every day, but my broken leg is what ultimately stopped me. I fell down a flight of stairs about three weeks ago, and I haven’t carried my camera with me much during the rehabilitation process. I also took a trip without a computer – which meant I couldn’t create a photo if I wanted to. My break turned into me forcing myself to take a bit longer of a break, and my trip became a break from Chicago. All of that breaking was very nice and good, although a broken leg is painful. Now I’m going to start making photographs again.

I’m not sure why I wanted to do this, but sometimes I like to totally destroy a workable image and use it in an entirely different way. It’s not so much abstract as it is weird. I realized the color and light could be used in a different way if tortured enough. It’s a tortured image, alright, but there’s something about it that feels good. I like the vertigo against the gray. I’ve posted the original photo below the new version.
Reworking a building
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Reflective black box
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2 Comments to “Halfway thru a broken leg & Reworking a building”

  1. you want to do it because you are REALLY into photography.
    sorry about your leg.
    both images are cool, by the way.

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